NI Symphony Essentials – String Ensemble v1.4.1 KONTAKT

NI Symphony Essentials – String Ensemble v1.4.1 KONTAKT 1

NI Symphony Essentials – String Ensemble v1.4.1 KONTAKT

The lush, detailed sound of a 60-piece string ensemble with a reduced set of samples and articulations for light scoring tasks.


A 60-piece string section recorded at Studio 22, Budapest. STRING ENSEMBLE has a tight, bold, and natural sound, with advanced performance controls for nuance and clarity. It is ideal for a wide range of modern and cinematic scoring projects.


With true polyphonic legato and portamento, two-part auto divisi, and four microphone mixes, STRING ENSEMBLE offers the precise sound, versatility, and mixing detail essential for modern scoring.


SYMPHONY ESSENTIALS – STRING ENSEMBLE offers a compact library with a streamlined selection of essential features. Though able to offer highly realistic results, this version is ideal for pop and electronic producers, thanks to its speed, simplicity, and reduced storage requirements.

•3 GB (compressed)
•38 articulations
•No Auto Divisi
•Legato emulation
•1 microphone mix, no Mixer page
•Effects page with EQ, Reverb, Compression, and Filter


1.4.1 — 2019-09-18
FIXED No sound in Db5 thru E6 when Spiccato Articulation is triggered
1.4.0 — 2018-10-16
FIXED Issue with hanging notes in certain scenarios


Demo Preview:

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