ADSR Sounds Future Bass Processing Course

ADSR Sounds Future Bass Processing Course

ADSR Sounds Future Bass Processing Course
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Future Bass Processing

Super-charge your Future Bass productions with this 5-part video course on Future Bass Processing. Dive right in and get professional production techniques from a creative master.

Covering EQ, Compression, FX, Synth Programming, and much more. By the end of this course you will have an arsenal of usable tips, tricks and techniques you can apply to all of your electronic music productions

If you’re serious about music production and want to boost the production value of your Future Bass tracks, you’ll definitely want to check this out!

If You Want To Know How The Pro’s Do It – This Is It!

Course Overview

Using Future Bass to illustrate and explain, this 80 minute video course demonstrates proven techniques that you can start applying to your productions straight away.

There is so much detail in every one of the 5 videos included in Future Bass Processing and by the end of this course you’ll have countless options to ensure your tracks sound as good as they do in your imagination.

About Your Tutor

Austin Leeds has the kind of technical and creative talent that makes other producer’s swoon. Most of us have listened to one of his sets and wondered how he gets such a seamless production mix and now here’s the chance to learn first hand!

Take a masterclass from a man who’s tracks consistently achieve go-to status
 in the sets of Deep Dish, Sasha and Digweed and has collaborated with the likes of Jimmy Van M, Cass & Slide, Mara, Deep Funk Project, Innate, Nu-breed, and Origin.

Course Features

Whatever genre of electronic music you’re working in, this course will shed new light on how to process your sounds to get professional and creative results every time.

  • 82 minutes of professional video instruction
  • 5 indepth videos each giving a thorough walkthrough of essential elements of processing Future Bass sounds

> Synth Programming with Serum
> Channel Strip Processing
> Automation and Processing
> Bass and Processing
> Drum Processing

  • Understand both theory & practice with an accomplished Producer
  • Learn at your own pace, watch as many times as you need to learn the lessons

Course Detail

Synth Programming with Serum
Learn how to create a monstrous sawtooth synth sound from scratch. In this video we experiment with different elements including oscillators, FX, white noise, and other fun elements to create custom sounds.

Channel Strip Processing
Discover how to add a killer Channel Chain of FX to your synths. We go into griity detail for compression, EQ multi band compression, reverb, parallel compression and more. This part is great for any genre because it discusses so many great elements of processing various sounds.

Automation and Processing
This is a fun section because we discuss how you can make use of pitch and volume automation to give your synth tracks life. You can really get into great detail setting automation on your tracks. You can also use some fun plugins like the LFO tool and Nicky Romero Kickstart, or you can customize on your own to get you the most control.

Bass and Processing
Delve into some cool tips and tricks to help you layer and process your bass parts. Every EDM track has bass so this can be applied to anything!

Drum Processing
For the last part we explore drum processing and give you neat ways to group them together. We show you some nice tricks for hi hats, snares, and drum groups and generally how to get your drums slamming!