AudeoBox Resonance 2 WAV

AudeoBox Resonance 2 WAV

AudeoBox Resonance 2 WAV

A not so distant cousin of the Vibes series, Resonance has the vibes, but it also has the soul. Our first pack of the year using our new system of creation, Resonance 2 takes flight in a way that can only happen when every person plays heavily into their strengths, and to do this right, we added some new additions to our design team.

At AudeoBøx getting in is a pretty long process, we vet and we vet hard, which can create a body of work that is grueling but inspired. To create a more well-rounded level of soulful polish we brought in Skimmy (nee Infinity) doppelganger Chris Cadenhead, a music director and composer with an ear for perfection. To bring out some new vibes, we brought in not-so-new-comer Jab, who’s impeccable sonic awareness is otherworldly.

All of this paired with Jon Casey’s latest additions to the AudeoBøx drum family create a world worthy of H.E.R., Pink Sweats, Daniel Caesar, Kaytranada and more.

The brainchild of two Los Angeles based producers, AudeoBox is a music technology company that doesn’t chase trends, it makes them. Using the same heavy hitting sounds found on Billboard chart-topping pop and urban records, AudeoBox is your music production Swiss Army Knife, regardless of genre.



Demo Preview:

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