Audioteknik Sublime Techno Sample Pack

Audioteknik Sublime Techno Sample Pack 1

Audioteknik Sublime Techno WAV

This Sublime Techno infusion is exactly how we like it. Expansive loops that transition and evolve through melodic journeys, brimmed full of countless fresh ideas and concepts.

Conceived by one of Techno’s leading producers the attention to detail is second to none. Combining both finely processed mix loops with raw individual samples ensures a multitude of possibilities. Ranging from gritty percussive hooks through to analogue warehouse-style hooks ‘Sublime Techno’ is the one-stop shop for techno producers looking to diversify their range of techno sounds


60 Full Drum Loops
35 Hi Hat & Top Loops
28 No Kick Loops
19 Percussion Loops
19 Snare & Clap Loops
20 Kick Loops
26 Synth Loops
25 Bass Loops
20 Atmos & Pads
20 Sfx