Catching Flies Pro Tips – Creating ‘Mama’s Wisdom’ TUTORIAL

Catching Flies Pro Tips - Creating ‘Mama’s Wisdom’ TUTORIAL

Catching Flies Pro Tips – Creating ‘Mama’s Wisdom’ TUTORIAL

Catching Flies has been producing professionally for the last 6 years, leading to radio support from DJs like Giles Peterson and Annie Mac, and tours with artists including Bonobo and Nightmares on Wax. On this course, he walks through his track ‘Mama’s Wisdom’, which featured in Radio One’s Essential Mix, providing the Producertech community with an exclusive look at his compositional style.

Working through all the individual parts, he shows how he meticulously constructs beats, basslines and interwoven melodies, providing insight into his production method and approach to making music. Signing up to the course gets you immediate access to the streamed tutorials as well as a bonus selection of samples from his Loopmasters sample pack.

Course Modules

Module 1 – Drums Part 1

  • In this first lesson, Catching Flies shows how the main drums are laid out, comprising of the kick and numerous snares and claps.

Module 2 – Hats and Percussion

  • A look at the additional percussion parts, including hats, recorded foley and loops, showing their processing and automation.

Module 3 – More Percussion and Buss Processing

  • An explanation of extra drum loops, added later in the arrangement, including some tips for adding energy and excitement to the mix.

Module 4 – Main Bass and Synths

  • Catching Flies shows how the main bassline and most dominant synths and pads are created.

Module 5 – Synth FX Creation

  • A quick tip for creating a synth FX build.

Module 6 – Rhodes

  • A demonstration of the lower level organ parts, showing how they were conceived and processed.

Module 7 – Drones and Synth Fill

  • More techniques for filling out and adding interest to a mix.

Module 8 – Kalimba Melody and Piano Sample

  • A guide to the main melodic percussion and leads throughout the arrangement.

Module 9 – Vocals

  • A few of Catching Flies techniques for creating vocal textures in a track.

Module 10 – Guitars

  • A look at the last main melodic element, showing how it is developed through layering and automation.


  • Catching Flies Production Tips
  • 70 Mins of Streamed Tutorials
  • Access 24/7/365
  • 200MB of Bonus Samples

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