Cymatics Master Series: EDM Trap Production Course

Cymatics Master Series: EDM Trap Production Course

Cymatics Master Series: EDM Trap Production Course


What exactly is the “EDM Trap” Course, what you will learn, who is your instructor?

For our EDM Trap course, one of the hottest DJ/producers in the game “Eliminate” will cover his entire process for creating a banger!

He will dive into his creative process for two of his biggest tracks and move step by step explaining how he brings them all together.

From sound selection, drum programming, synth creation, mixing, and much more, he will show you how to get your tracks sounding festival ready!

Not to mention, there will also be a raw version of the breakdown where he creates a new track from scratch, so you can actually see him correct mistakes and adjust as he goes.

So if you’re looking to take your EDM Trap production to the next level, then look no further, this is the course for you.

EDM Trap: Course Content

  • Course Introduction
  • Intro / Buildup
  • Creating The First Drop
  • Creating a B Section + Finalizing the Drop
  • Creating The Second Drop
  • Outro + Final Touches
  • EDM Trap Song Breakdown – “Babatunde Remix”
  • EDM Trap Song Breakdown – “Stupid”
Meet your course instructor

Eliminate has been making waves with his unique sound design and heavy drops.

He has had records that have been played at every major festival, and uses production techniques not used by many other producers. We thought that he would be a great instructor for EDM Trap.

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Demo Preview:

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