Cymatics Master Series: House Production Course

Cymatics Master Series: House Production Course

Cymatics Master Series House Production Course


What exactly is the “House” Course, what you will learn, who is your instructor?

Our House Course will be instructed by house music DJ “Henry Fong”!

He’s a legend in the EDM scene with collabs with artists like Derro, Hardwell, & MAKJ.

Not to mention, he’s been touring the world for years and has played at almost every major music festival.

In this course he will take a deep dive into his creative process, drum patterns, sound selection, build ups, the mixing process, and much more!

This course also includes an uncut version of Henry creating a new track from scratch, so you can see the entire process as it unfolds into the finished product!

Overall you’ll learn a ton of gems from this course and will most likely be rewatching it to discover more and more.

House: Course Content

  • Course Introduction
  • Writing The Drums
  • Writing The Bassline
  • Sound Design + Layering
  • Fixing The Details
  • Arrangement + Final Touches
  • House Song Breakdown – “Bubblin Anthem”
  • House Song Breakdown – “Jump Up”

Meet your course instructor

Henry Fong has been known for his unique style, meshing Melbourne bounce/dancehall with high energy EDM.

With many festival performances under his belt, he has also released records through many big labels such as Mad Decent, Spinnin, and Dim Mak!

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Demo Preview: