Download Samsung Ringtones – Galaxy S1-S9

Samsung Ringtones – Samsung Galaxy S1-S9 Stock Ringtones. The Ultimate Collection of all rintones extracted from all samsung galaxy s flagship devices.

Download Samsung Ringtones - Galaxy S1-S9

All right, before you guys go to the Samsung Ringtones Download Link, lets make a brief overview of the Galaxy S Series.

The Galaxy S series has made Samsung the biggest seller of smartphones in the world. It’s where you find the latest hardware, the very best Samsung has to offer.

But how did the South Korean giant become so influential and popular? Less than a decade ago Samsung sprayed out demi-smartphones met with shrugs and derision in equal measure.

Then a little something called Android emerged. Samsung decided enough was enough, and took the plunge, becoming a fish in Google’s pond. Yes, there have been Tizen-based experiments since, but it is this core that helped spur Samsung’s smartphone growth.

The Galaxy i7500 – where the journey begins,  was by no means a smash hit, and the Galaxy S did little to improve the situation. It was with the Galaxy S2 that Samsung really began to get its act together.

Oooook now, our turn.

So we were thinking about posting something different this time, but still audio media related, hehe.

We decided to post a collection of all Samsung Ringtones from Galaxy Series, starting from the first device released Galaxy S(1) to the last one Galaxy S9.

Why Samsung ? Because Samsung is Nr.1 smartphone brand, statistics confirm this.

This is helpful for all you guys that don’t own a Samsung Device but you want or were looking for some Samsung Ringtones.

So we were searching around the internet & we didn’t find such collection, so we decided to make it ourselves.

Below is the download link. Have phun!

Download Link

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