F9 Origins – 60 Old School Pianos For Kontakt, Ableton, Logic & Studio One

F9 Origins - 60 Old School Pianos

F9 Origins – 60 Old School Pianos For Kontakt Ableton Logic Studio One

F9 Origins – 60 Old School Pianos + Midi Files

Hi Everyone – James here from F9 / Freemasons
Welcome to the F9 Origin’s series and we’re starting this range with a bang – A limited-edition collection of club-ready piano sounds from my own collection.

This started off as a personal sampling project for a piano-house EP and sent me down a rabbit hole I was not expecting. See if any of these questions seem familiar to you:

  • Have you ever wondered why people still come back to the M1 piano?
  • Have you ever struggled for hours to get modern piano sounds to fit inside a club production?
  • Do you wish you had a super-fast loading selection of Pianos that will smash through dense and powerful drums and stop you from breaking the creative flow?

These were all questions I was asking myself at the start of making an F9 Piano driven EP called ’88 Keys’.

What you see here is the fruits of all that Labour – 60 Pianos designed to work perfectly in contemporary ( or old School) club and pop productions

    • This release will be available for only 3 months or 500 downloads, whichever happens first.
    • These are the piano patches that built club music. From the 8 bit sounds of 1988’s Chicago and Detroit house era to the anthem-creating patches of the 1990s and beyond.
    • There has never been a collection like this before. Don’t miss this opportunity to have club culture’s love affair with the piano inside your DAW
    • 260 Midi file are included and I’ll be honest many of them are so good I’m keen to make tracks out of them myself – I’ll race you to Beatport!

So why do these work so darn well? … It’s an open production secret that lower bit/sampling rates add thickness and power to sounds. Add to that the analog input/output stages of early sampling devices ( and the technical imperfections of early A/D converters such as jitter ) and it starts to get interesting…

F9 Origins 60 Old School Pianos KONTAKT

F9 Origins - 60 Old School Pianos Ableton

Now reduce the sample count – notes transposing downwards on 8-12 bit systems have something utterly unique – they fizz and growl much more than our pristine 20-samples-per-note libraries and that all adds the magic sauce: character

Also I’ve found so many modern libraries have very odd stereo cohesion and don’t fold at all well down to mono ( vital for radio and club play ) – Having mic’d up many a piano in my time engineering across London I know the problems with capturing pianos in full stereo all too well and so often it seems the pianos are captured to appease classically trained players – These are often dreadful in their vanilla form at hammering out club riffs. Listen to the audio demos above – would you believe many of the patches are mono?

As well as all these stellar pianos we’ve added to the F9 battery of Midi piano files and included all of them from previous piano releases. Total at time of publication: 260

This library started off as my personal mission to get myself an army of pianos for any club necessity possible and I’m very proud to present it to you now for a very limited period. This is the second run of this release and we doubt there will be more in it’s current form . Please let me know how you get on with them and what you make with them ..

System requirements

  1. Logic Pro X 10.2.2 or Later
  2. Ableton Live ( STD or Suite ) 9.5 or later
  3. Kontakt 5.2.1 or later *

* Kontakt Users – This library requires a fully paid installation of Kontakt or Komplete and will not work with the free version ( formerly Kontakt Player).


Demo Preview:

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