Lens Distortions Idyllic WAV MP3

Lens Distortions Idyllic WAV MP3

Lens Distortions Idyllic WAV MP3
Size 2.66 Gb

Deliberately Simple
The tracks in Idyllic are beautifully restrained and intentionally subtle.

Easily dial them back to sit beneath a voice over, or use them to carry your story forward in a simpler way than a full-blown score.

Made for Emotion
Each melody is meant to bring out certain feelings in your scene. Some are introspective and reverent… others are blissful and pure joy.

Because the melodies are recorded in multiple variations, you can create your own unique mixes for your wedding films, narrative projects, or commercials.

20 Original Melodies
We started with 20 original melodies, each designed to evoke a specific feeling in your viewer.

5 Unique Variations
We recorded each melody in 5 different ways. Use variations on their own or combined with others to create your own micro-score.

Professional Grade
Inspiring sound design is now attainable for filmmakers at every level of the game.

The sounds are professionally mastered and compatible with all major editing platforms, including Adobe Premiere and Final Cut X.


•20 Original Melodies
•5 Useful Variations: 01 Full Mix, 02 Air, 03 Melody, 04 Strings, 05 Undertones
•100 Tracks Total
•Most tracks 1-2 minutes long
•Mastered for professional use
•Royalty Free


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