ModeAudio Silhouette – Serum Trap Presets

ModeAudio Silhouette - Serum Trap Presets

ModeAudio Silhouette – Serum Trap Presets

Drifting just around the next corner, hunched in the shadows by the bus stop, pluming from sewer drains, breathing down your neck as you walk home at night – the sound is all around, sweeping through the dark streets and engulfing the entire city in a cloud of twisted sonic atmosphere…

Silhouette – Serum Trap Presets is your gas mask, packing 50 towering presets for your Serum synth built from 18 custom wavetables, primed and ready to harness those dark, bass-drenched vibes and use them to your advantage!

Featuring a complete platoon of royalty-free sonic soldiers, build your next Trap classic from thumping, cavernous 808-style bass presets, snarling, snaking synth leads, billowing pads, knife-edge synth plucks and beyond.

Taking full control of Serum’s celebrated synthesis architecture, we’ve utilised its full range of onboard waveforms, filter types, modulation capabilities and effects units, supplementing this with our 18 of our own, custom-sampled analog and digital synth wavetables – everything from warped square waves and undulating sines to all out FM mayhem!

29 monumental Trap drum loops accompany the presets, built from those classic TR808 tones and bolstered up to modern standards.

Completing the selection are 69 key and tempo-labelled MIDI loops, showcased in our demo track above and designed to accompany each of the patches and loops included. These files provide you with instant musical building blocks to begin populating your next session with from lead melodics to chords, basslines and more.

Cast your music deep into the dark city sprawl and feel the sinister energy washing over you from your speakers – take the power back and download Silhouette – Serum Trap Presets now!

Pack Contents

10 Bass Presets
15 Lead Synth Presets
8 Pad Presets
17 Melodic Synth Presets
29 Drum Loops (Kicks, Top Drums & Percussion)
18 Custom Wavetables (Analog & Digital Synths)
69 MIDI Loops (Key & Tempo-Labelled)

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Demo Preview: