Sonic Academy Lo-Fi House with P-LASK TUTORIAL

Sonic Academy Lo-Fi House with P-LASK TUTORIAL

Sonic Academy Lo-Fi House with P-LASK TUTORIAL
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Certified Ableton instructor P-LASK is back by popular demand for a brand new ‘How To Make’ course this week, and this time we’re checking out how to make his recently released Lo-Fi House track ‘To Move It’ from start to finish.

This lo-fi, groove-laden laid back tune is made almost entirely with the samples included in the course and Ableton 10’s very own stock plugins so people of all abilities can easily follow along. That, along with P-LASK’s extensive Ableton know-how you’re guaranteed to get a host of new tips and techniques to use in your tracks, even if you’re a seasoned Ableton user.

Clocking in at well over 5 hours this is a course where creating multiple variations and sketching out your ideas is paramount before laying out a rough arrangement and then going in-depth and fine-tuning until the masterpiece is complete.

Super detailed but easy to follow along P-LASK’s workflow makes the most of utilising this DAW and as with all of his courses, this is as much a ‘How To Use’ course as a ‘How To Make’.

Definitely one to check out!


Tutorial 01 – Playthrough and Introduction

Tutorial 02 – Template and Drum Rack Setup

Tutorial 03 – Main Beat Programming

Tutorial 04 – Adding Percussion and Texture Loops

Tutorial 05 – Vinyl Texture

Tutorial 06 – Bass

Tutorial 07 – Chord Stab

Tutorial 08 – Pad Synth

Tutorial 09 – Arp Synth Loop

Tutorial 10 – String Synth

Tutorial 11 – Vocal Slices

Tutorial 12 – Crash Cymbal Rack and FX Sample

Tutorial 13 – Extracting Drum Chains for Organisation

Tutorial 14 – Setting Up Scene Concepts

Tutorial 15 – Arrangement Part 1

Tutorial 16 – Arrangement Part 2

Tutorial 17 – Arrangement Part 3

Tutorial 18 – Automation Part 1

Tutorial 19 – Automation Part 2

Tutorial 20 – Mixdown Part 1

Tutorial 21 – Mixdown Part 2

Tutorial 22 – Mastering

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