Splice Sessions Senegalese Percussion WAV

Splice Sessions Senegalese Percussion WAV 1

Splice Sessions Senegalese Percussion WAV

Recorded at LaBoutique Studios Dakar, Griot percussionists Khadim Gueye and Awa Balla (known as Abba, artistically) performed in the sabar, Afrobeat, mbalax, and traditional ancient styles of Senegal.

Sabar is the generic term representing a dance event, the drum used within it, and the dance itself. With origins in Wolof culture, where sabar touches every part of life, most of Senegal has embraced this tradition.

Each dance event, drum part, and rhythm within sabar has its own name. For this pack, Khadim Gueye and Abba played all of the sabar drums: the thiol, tungune, mbeung mbeung, and nder. They also played the gongoma as it’s known in Guinea but referred to as the bongo in Senegal. Weaving in other drums that make up the tapestry of Dakar’s culture, you’ll also find the talking drum, congas, and djembe drums.

The rhythms in this pack are ancient, organic, and full of life—perfect for adding dimension and vibrancy to any dance track.


· 154 Loops
· 105 One Shots


Demo Preview:

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