WavSupply Manso – Mercurio (Loop Kit) WAV

WavSupply Manso - Mercurio (Loop Kit) WAV

WavSupply Manso – Mercurio (Loop Kit) WAV

Manso – Mercurio (Loop Kit)


40 custom made loops created by Manso of Internet Money.

Included files:

88 – 60BPM C Manso.wav
Adamo – 128BPM C# Manso.wav
Africa – 68BPM C# Manso.wav
All In My Favor – 152BPM A# Manso (1).wav
Blessed – 86BPM A Manso (1).wav
Blood – 128BPM E Manso.wav
Carousel – 178BPM G Manso (1).wav
Checks – 73BPM B Manso.wav
Damn – 130BPM D Manso.wav
Drunk – 64BPM C# Manso.wav
Elixir – 63BPM C# Manso.wav
Fabrics – 60.5BPM E Manso (1).wav
Freaky – 93BPM D# Manso (1).wav
Gang – 77.5BPM B Manso (1).wav
Glock – 150BPM D Manso.wav
Home – 65BPM D Manso (1).wav
Hoops – 75BPM E Manso.wav
Illuminati – 144BPM D Manso (2).wav
Jackie – 130BPM D Manso.wav
Killin – 64BPM D Manso.wav
Lights – 140BPM E Manso (2).wav
Mask – 124BPM E Manso (2).wav
Mask – 124BPM E Manso.wav
Melancholy – 61.5BPM E Manso (2).wav
Migo – 78BPM E Manso (1).wav
Mount Fuji – 70BPM E Manso.wav
Numbers – 75BPM E Manso.wav
Obscure – 140BPM B Manso (2).wav
Old Reliable – 150BPM E Manso (1).wav
Patek – 113BPM E Manso.wav
Private Jet – 100BPM C# Manso.wav
Runnin_ – 81BPM A# Manso.wav
Save Me – 56BPM E Manso.wav
Sorry – 126BPM B Manso (2).wav
Stone – 97BPM B Manso.wav
Thugger – 134BPM E Manso (2).wav
Tribe – 73BPM C Manso.wav
Troy – 160BPM D# Manso (2).wav
Untitled – 62BPM D Manso (1).wav
Whip – 72BPM C Manso.wav
Wizard – 67BPM C# Manso (1).wav

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