WavSupply Spaceman Lightning (Loop Kit) WAV

WavSupply Spaceman Lightning (Loop Kit) WAV

WavSupply Spaceman Lightning (Loop Kit) WAV

Spaceman – Lightning (Loop Kit)

50 custom made loops created by Spaceman

List of files:

2010- 124bpm @prodspaceman.
alive ahaha fuck- 155bpm @prodspaceman.
angelic- 152bpm @prodspaceman.
anthem- 130bpm @prodspaceman.
aye maria- 162bpm @prodspaceman.
baby baby- 146bpm @prodspaceman.
beach bitch!- 141bpm @prodspaceman @rioleyva.
bed time- 134bpm @prodspaceman.
bellyshit- 189bpm @prodspaceman.
dora the explorer- 118bpm @prodspaceman.
drug money- 150bpm @prodspaceman.
DRUGS!- 160bpm @prodspaceman.
fat azz- 113bpm @prodspaceman.
fish sex- 109bpm @prodspaceman.
fuck montana- 133bpm @prodspaceman.
fuckshit- 132bpm @prodspaceman.
gang- 140bpm @prodspaceman @rioleyva.
GRANDMA HURR- 168bpm @prodspaceman.
grinch- 101bpm @prodspaceman.
grunge- 149bpm @prodspaceman.
highs _ lows- 120bpm @prodspaceman.
im angry- 119bpm @prodspaceman.
left on read- 110bpm @prodspaceman.
lightning- 151bpm @prodspaceman.
loop- 132bpm @prodspaceman.
lost sound- 154bpm @prodspaceman.
lullabye- 118bpm @prodspaceman.
meta- 152bpm @prodspaceman.
molly up- 101bpm @prodspaceman.
mount everest- 134bpm @prodspaceman.
oh- 172bpm @prodspaceman.
olympic- 163bpm @prodspaceman.
orange juice- 154bpm @prodspaceman.
panic- 157bpm @prodspaceman.
party all night- 135bpm @prodspaceman.
presidents- 162bpm @prodspaceman.
rob a bank- 114bpm @prodspaceman.
silk- 152bpm @prodspaceman.
sippin margaritas- 100bpm @prodspaceman.
skilly- 148bpm @prodspaceman.
skrt skrt- 159bpm @prodspaceman @rioleyva.
speed- 129bpm @prodspaceman.
the himalayas- 117bpm @prodspaceman.
uhh wtf- 150bpm @prodspaceman.
vibin!- 137bpm @prodspaceman @rioleyva.
who want smoke- 151bpm @prodspaceman.
woah- 152bpm @prodspaceman.
woo woo- 137bpm @prodspaceman.
zeus- 148bpm @prodspaceman.
ziggy- 120bpm @prodspaceman.

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