Whole Loops UAD Guitar Sauce

Whole Loops UAD Guitar Sauce 1

Whole Loops UAD Guitar Sauce

Mix your Guitars to perfection in an instant with UAD Guitar Sauce. This powerful chain is compatible with every DAW and offers simplified control over the best Mix guitar plugins from UAD. Whether you’re jamming in console or producing a song, UAD Guitar Sauce will deliver smooth, warm, and powerful results every time!

Compatible DAWs:

  • Ableton
  • UAD Luna
  • FL Studio 20
  • Logic Pro X
  • Studio One
  • Pro Tools

You must own these uad plugins to open UAD Master Sauce

  • UAD Fender Amp
  • UAD Pultec EQP1a
  • UAD Korg Delay
  • UAD Galaxy Tape Echo
  • UAD Dytronics Cyclosonic Panner

Contains: · 2 Presets for Ableton, FL Studio, Logic, Luna, UAD Console & UAD Plugins